Monday, April 21, 2014

2 Days of Easter

 Easter Bunny came on Saturday.

 Egg Hunt on the beach was also on Saturday.

 Drew and Sally found the gold $1 eggs.

 August was not interested in eggs.

But WAS interested in the golf balls I found while hiding the eggs.
(this beach is right below the Pebble Beach golf course)

This spot was perfect.
We were the only ones on the entire beach most of the time.

 As we were walking from one end of the beach to the other,
Drew said the ocean looked like a painting.
Love when they notice for themselves how beautiful it is here.

Saturday was so great.

I felt good about doing the hunt/baskets on Saturday so we could focus on Christ on Sunday.

But Sunday morning wasn't the peaceful time I was going for.

We watched "Because of Him" and other church videos.
(that part was good)

We played games.
(and fought during those games)

And somehow we were late to afternoon church! :(

Then I had technical difficulties with my video for sharing time.

But Justin figured it out and sharing time went pretty well.
(to be precise...I felt frazzled during Junior Primary, but got it together for Senior Primary)

The kids cooperated with my after church picture request.

And we had delicious fish tacos for dinner (one of my favorite Easter traditions).

Last thoughts:
- Looking at this picture, it is still weird to me that we have 4 kids.
- It also kind of blows my mind that we get to be together forever. But it's true. And it's awesome.
- I'm grateful for the Atonement. I think of Grandma Lunt every single Easter. My mom just had Grandma's wedding ring melted down and made into pendants for my sisters and I. I wore my necklace for the first time to church and it worked in perfectly with my lesson.
- This year my Aunt Sherri and Uncle Clel were also on my mind. They just passed from cancer. I know I will see them all again and it will be a happy day.


jamiebarazoto said...

I thought about them a lot too. I love the atonement!

Rachel said...

I like when you put sentimental things on your posts.. even though it's making me tear up at work! Love our family and the gospel!

Lindsay Riggs said...

Wait, so cool about the pendants!! Jealous of that and the beach egg hunt!