Friday, September 20, 2013

What We Did

It was just a quick bike trip to the he got to play with his helmet on.

Met up w/Sally's class at their field trip to the aquarium.

More helmets.
Love bike riding with the boys.
Sally somehow ends up in tears every time the bikes come out lately.

This picture is horrible.
Took Owen, Drew, and Sally to the free viewing of "Jaws" in the park.
Owen slept in our room that night.

K this was so cool.
We checked out what was left of the sand castles after the Carmel Beach sandcastle competition.
Notice Rapunzel's braid coming down from the window in the picture above.

 This family made a circle of sand seats with a raised area in the middle for their fire pit.
And they provided s'mores ingredients for whoever stopped by.

This one was the big winner.
Loved all the details, like the sword next to the boy and the dragon tail coming out the gate.

And then Sally painted some rocks.


Moreno's said...

Those sand castles are amazing! that looks like such a fun outing!
I love that you have a baby seat for August to take bike rides too! That's just priceless!

The Watkins said...

That first picture reminds me of a giraffe.:)