Monday, September 16, 2013

Newscaster Hair No More/Ode to August

First Haircut: 9/15/13

I like his new hair so much better, but he seems different!

I can't even explain it, but he grew up with a hair cut.

His birthday is Friday so I'm feeling a little sentimental and want to do some documenting.

I made a mental note that he finally cut his first tooth the day Danna's family was here:
7/9/13 (almost 10 months!)

He crawled at 8 1/2 months.

He started sitting at 6 months.

We've seen him take a random step a couple times, but he's definitely not walking yet.

His words are pretty much mama, dada, and ball.
Not sure which came first.
But he likes Justin and I equally, unlike our other kids at this age (who were mama's kids).

He teased me by sleeping through the night for maybe a week.
Then surprise!
He still gets up 2-3 times a night to nurse then goes right back to sleep.

We're all still obsessed with him.

Owen always talks about how much he loves him, how glad he is that he's in our family,
and he loves his twinkly eyes.

Drew gets sad whenever it's time for him to go to bed. 
He always makes sure to hug and kiss him goodnight.

Sally is still a little bit Elmyra with him, but he's tough.
He's happiest with her when they're outside together or she actually lets him touch her Legos.

I love when he copies what we do.
Specifically this (while yelling):
But also when he copies our shrieks or our head shaking back and forth.

He's happiest when naked.

I have never seen a kid harder to diaper than this baby.
He fights it like crazy.
He's strong.
And he'll crawl away any chance he gets.
Wish I could film it without it being too explicit.

Also wish I filmed the sit ups he used to do during diaper changes.
He used to literally sit straight up from laying on his back.
He would lever against my hands on his thighs and pop himself up.
It was nuts.

What else?
He really loves textures.
Specifically soft things (i.e., his favorite spider blanket (that is finally in season thanks to Halloween)).
He goes crazy for it.

His favorite toy in church is an empty Trader Joe's chocolate tin with puff balls in it.

Speaking of church, he bonked his head on the pew 27 times on Sunday.
We counted.

He will eat pretty much anything.
Inhales strawberries, mangoes, avocado, and cheese.
Squeezie baby food pouches are my best friend.

SO happy we didn't get what we wanted.


Lindsay Riggs said...

I'm really glad you got those darling hair cut pics. And I like his twinkly eyes too!

rdelight said...

He is a darling baby. And I can't get over how much he looks like your other kids. SO CUTE, Shauna!

Torgersons said...

It's really easy to see why you're obsessed with him. Babies don't come any cuter. Those haircut pics are to die for.

Krissie said...

He is so sweet! All of your kids are sweet! I love the pictures you always post, they are the best! August is getting so big and is just so cute!

Hannah said...

He is adorable!! I love him!
We miss you guys, want to come to Florida?

The Watkins said...

How could you not be obsessed with him?

Ashley said...

Those pictures are classic. I love them and all of his facial expressions.

Evaly said...

He is a doll! Can't believe he is turning one already!! How does it go by so fast??

Moreno's said...

I LOVEEEEE the haircut !!! I'm so impressed it looks like he just sat right through it. That is so precious that your kids are all so attached to him. I think that's awesome.
Boys are the best... (well i'm a little biased.. that's all i've ever had) :)