Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Glorious Sun

 Hoping that sea foam wasn't harmful, cause he enjoyed it.

The wind.

 That would be a dead jellyfish.
(it's resting on a shovel, not her hand)

 The wind and a combover.


The weather this past week has been so lovely.
I'm not taking it for granted because it's only a matter of time before the gray is back.

It hasn't been windy at our house, but when we got to Marina State Beach (above) the wind was out of control.

It cut our sand-dollar hunting short.

Yesterday we went to a different part of the same beach to ride the dunes.

That was an adventure that included a shark sighting (Owen and Cal) and a foot full of stickers (Meg).
The views were amazing, though.
I'd do it again with either no baby or a husband (Justin had a class all day).

On our drive home I found this playhouse set out for free.
Literally that morning I had been searching for wooden playhouses thinking it'd be fun to get one for Sally for Christmas.
I was proud of myself for getting it home and assembling everything except the roof myself.

 The assembly included getting rid of one too many spiders.

Today she sold (or gave) us french bread pizza and giant cookies.


Torgersons said...

Those beach pictures are beautiful. And Sally is living every girl's dream in that cute little house! I can't believe it was free. That's so dang lucky.

The Watkins said...

That game of perfection is so very boyish. And I love that her house has curtains!

Katie said...

Quiet adventure. That's what I think of every time I read your posts. You all do so much, and you take awesome pictures. I love it all. Are you still working? Sally's club house is quite the jackpot! Go you for stopping and picking it up! AND putting it back together!!