Monday, September 09, 2013

Another First Day, Some Other Stuff, and Labor Day

I made Justin take a first day of school picture.
He did an Arabic course all summer, but this was the first day of his Master's Degree.
And I've pretty much been a single mom since.

His books scare me.

They randomly matched in random colors.


I always lose when it's restaurant choosing time.
The winner: Mountain Mike's with its good pizza and free video games.

SCIENCE SATURDAY at the PG Natural History Museum

We love free.
Owen was extra interested in this since he's learning about rocks and minerals in class.


 She rigged this very unstable tire swing.

 Posing in her "house."

How the boys play Perfection.

Not pictured:
- Ward picnic (Sally's kindergarten teacher was nice to come and even brought cupcakes)
- Some actual laboring (Justin fixed the electric scooters and I attempted to fix our front yard)

We're hoping he makes it to his 1st birthday.


Evaly said...

That's quite a stack of books- super scary!! Sorry you are a single mama :( Wish I could help you out. Love the video- haha OH, and the wooden house is sooo cute- how awesome that you got it free!

Kirsten said...

You're too funny. How your kids "play" with August is our life with poor Maddie- and she made it to her first birthday! Its the best when you think to yourself, that doesnt look right but the look on the kids face is priceless. August looks to be having a blast! I love Sally's tire swing and house. You are amazing at documenting these precious moments!!

rdelight said...

Justin's books scare me as well! And I love the baby monkey in the tree. He is precious. :)

Moreno's said...

Those are really some serious books... and I love how Sally has her Headbands game in her "bed" !