Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Birthday for A

He's 1 and he loved his cake.

But let me back-up.

When August woke up,
excited Drew got him out of his crib before he could have his balloon party.

So he got put back in bed along with a bunch of balloons.

 He got 3.
Owen, Drew, and Sally each decorated one of the gifts.
(Owen - large, Drew - medium, Sally - small)

 This is about as into the unwrapping as he got.
Everyone else took it from there.

He got:
 A new bath toy (for his love of all things water).

A pound and roll ball tower (for his love of balls).

 And a wheely bug (because I thought it was cute).

I linked to all the toys because I'm happy with them and so is he.
Has played w/them all every day since his birthday.
The kid was in need of some toys.

Oh, he also got a little light up bouncy ball (love of balls)
and an early present of a super soft blanket (for his love of soft things).

 It took August having a birthday to get Justin to the aquarium.
Us 3 went while the other kids were in school.

 I designed him a birthday cake jelly-fish.

 Sometimes it's fun pretending we have one kid.

 Loved this aquarium trip.


 Because Drew thought it'd make him happy.
It did.


 This was his first experience with kiwis and cake.
The kiwis were sour, so not his favorite.
Once he got past those he was all over the cake.

They couldn't wait to dig in with him.
(don't mind Sally's fancy make-up)

And that's a wrap.


jamiebarazoto said...

Sally's fancy makeup! Haha and he is one cute kid. Looked real fun!

Rachel said...

I can't stop smiling/laughing at things in this post. Sally's makeup is fab. The wheely bug is super cute. I'm really impressed with your birthday cake jelly fish. And I like that you let your other kids help so much decorating and choosing parks etc. I MISS YOU GUYS!!

Ashley said...

Way cute, now all you need is a dog. LOL it just so happens that we are getting rid of one of our amazing dogs. Already trained. LOL

The Watkins said...

I love first birthdays. Every birthday should involve a cake smash. August was particularly cute doing it.

kelli said...

I'm laughing so much from watching August eat his cake. Really cute!

Evaly said...

so cute! can't believe he is one. Sally's makeup is awesome. I love pretending we only have one or two kids too, it makes me feel normal :)

Julie said...

i love that he tried to dump the cake. Glad to see Sally had her party make up on!

Moreno's said...

This looks like such a fun day. I'm so glad you have all of these detailed pics for the day. I'm positive your kids will look back and really appreciate all your updates one day.
Love that you got to take him to the aquarium with just the 3 of you. How special !!!

rdelight said...

I am officially starting a new tradition... the balloon party. How fun! I loved that video of him in his crib with the balloons. I can't believe that baby is one!