Tuesday, February 26, 2013






Between forced smiles, hair accessories, and forced water feedings,
 Sally reminds me of Elmyra on a daily basis.


Julie said...

I will hug you and kiss you and keep you forever!

rdelight said...

I love this. Abby was EXACTLY like this with Jackson when he was a baby. Only she tried to force doll clothes on him when I wasn't looking. And, if I wasn't careful, she'd try to feed him play-kitchen food. Be grateful she's not two years old. :)

Evaly said...

Cute, cute pics! Meg left Cody alone until recently and now she is trying to carry him down the stairs, hug/smother him to death, etc. Cody is already getting tired of it- but he's also getting old enough to start fighting back :) It could get ugly!

The Watkins said...

My favorite are his eyes in that third one down, with the spoon in his mouth. You can just tell what he's thinking.