Sunday, February 17, 2013

Star Fruit



We've been checking Sprouts for months...hoping for them to have star fruit in stock.
They finally did, and Drew got to fulfill his 1st grade dream of tasting it.

But ya...pretty sure one time was enough.

TOO sour.


Jaime said...

I love his sour face! I have never tasted one.

Jenny said...

I plan on getting one for our family next time I go shopping, but just so you know... I've read that yellow means its ripe and that one looks pretty green.

rdelight said...

Drew's face is priceless! Maybe we'll try a starfruit now. :)

Katie said...

Awesome :) Don't you love when you get to do something like that for them though!? It means so much to them that you listen, and understand and want to help them experience new things. Go you! Even if it was awful :)