Sunday, September 09, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

 Met up with Justin's aunt Connie, who lives in San Diego,
and his brother Christian, who was visiting.

We walked and melted around San Diego.

The sand castles at the competition were amazing!
But I kind of feel like they cheated...that is totally special sand and it wasn't right on the beach.

Seaport Village had a cute, old carousel.

And here's the group.
 I feel so bad that it's taken us 2 years to meet up with Connie.
She's so sweet.

 Christian tried to fit in.

Then we had visitors of our own.
Jason & Candace stayed with Brent & Errin.
Derek & Loren stayed here.
Our weekend included lots of food and some beach.
 You'd be surprised how many times Jason had to redo that D on Drew's back.
Totally worth it, right?

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