Monday, August 29, 2011

Soccer Firsts

His first soccer practice (there were others, but we were out of town)...

followed by his first game the next day.
They are very non-competitive games where score is not kept.
Owen & I decided to keep score anyway.
Until it was obvious our booties were being kicked.

He still had fun, though...and is constantly motivated by the end of season trophy.

We played Drew's friend Caleb's team.
(they are obviously on opposite ends of the height spectrum)

And we'll pretend that these guys made it in time.
We're just glad to have family around that wants to come at all.
I was bummed in Monterey during Owen's season when we didn't.
(Owen chose not to play this year)

We've had a long enough break in-between kids doing sports that this is exciting for us.
We'll see how we feel at the end of the season.

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The Watkins said...

Love that water bottle picture!!