Monday, August 29, 2011


The day after we got home from AZ,
we got a hotel by Disney and spent a few days there.

First thing the kids wanted to do was go to the pool.
Justin obviously didn't object.

Disney was awesome and we're getting good at working it there.
What made it good:

- Justin (his first time going with us).

- Hotel within walking distance.

- Getting there first thing, taking long afternoon nap breaks, then staying out late.

- Fireworks. Love watching them by Small World, then timing it just right to get on the boat for the finale (there's never a line then so you can walk right on. and by the time the ride is over, there's a huge line. it's satisfying).

And always the food and fast passes. We're ready to go back.


Jessica Crozier said...

So jealous!! Doctor gave Emma clearance for roller coasters 12 weeks out. So I think we're headed to Disneyland on week 14 in November! I'm sure if you and I swapped secrets, we could rule the park! :-)

Julie said...

if I might say that a smokin picture of your Hubby! great camera work. How hot were the dunes? haven been there for years!

Jenny D. said...

This makes me even more homesick for CA. We used to be there at least once a week! I'm ready to go back too.