Saturday, August 27, 2011

Payson Based

We took a little trip to Payson to visit Justin's family.
Started out with some really good hamburgers at Nifty 50's Diner in Pine.

Then swam, cliff jumped, and rope swinged in some dirty river water.

We fulfilled Justin's summer dream of camping on the rim.
Literally looked for 2 hours for the perfect site.
Minutes after finding it, it started pouring.

It rained pretty much the rest of the day.
Got an hour break to get the tent set up.
Justin was in Heaven with the rain.
I appreciate rain more if I'm not camping.
The kids were happy playing in the tent.
But not so happy about the super loud thunder and nonstop rain through the night.

Rain free and visited by an elk the next morning.

The chipmunks were obviously comfortable around people.

Spent the morning fishing.

The only thing caught was this crawfish.

Did the vista trail on the rim.
Justin scared me.

Planned on stopping at the hatchery on the way back to Justin's parent's house,
but when we passed Catch-A-Trout couldn't resist a guaranteed fish.

It took longer than it should have, but we got one.
It got grilled later that day, but only a few brave souls tasted it.

Saturday morning we went to a different lake on the rim with family.
Justin thought it'd be fun to boat everyone and everything across the lake.

We weren't there long, but long enough for Parker to catch a little fish.
Thunder and rain clouds started heading our way so we ferried everyone back and called it a day.

Got to my parent's house Sunday and Justin was surprised with some gifts
and a festive banner in honor of his college graduation.

(welding helmet to go with new welder)

Left the next day after getting my hair done and visiting with friends.

Every time we pass the dunes Drew wants to, "touch the desert."
He got his wish on the way home.

How can somewhere so cool be so hot?
We were happy to get here to 40 degrees cooler weather.

Good trip, but like always...good to be home.


Krissie said...

Looks like lots of fun and great camping!

Dave said...

What do we have to do to get invited next time?

The Watkins said...

that was me...

Evaly said...

Great pics! I love the one of Justin in the sleeping bag with the HUGE smile :)

danna said...

Been waiting all week for these pics! Looks like a lot of fun, Craig says Payson is on the list for seconds homes :) Your pictures sold him

Rachel Lyn said...

I can't decide which one of these pictures to go as my next desktop background!! (yes you're pictures are 75% of my desktop backgrounds.. they're just so good!) I think I decided Owen feeding the chipmunk for this one. What you wanna know all the ones I'm obsessed with? Prepare yourself for the comment of a lifetime. The elk visiting the kids. Justing standing on the egde of the scary cliff! And the one with Sally. Obsessed with the one of you and Drew on the edge with the beautiful green hills background! All the dunes pictures especially Justin Karate kicking. OK done :)

KatieJ said...

Looks so fun! I am so bummed I missed you though. And you have me wanting to take a little trip up north, and those rock edge pictures almost gave me a heart attack! I get hysterical when my kids get near edges.