Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School is Good

Kindergarten, Joy School, 2nd Grade

When saying good-bye...
Drew was totally fine, didn't even look back.
Sally was fine, but quiet.
Owen cried.

All were way happy when I picked them up.

School is a good thing.

On a side note, awhile ago I planted white flowers on both sides of that front step.
Why are the ones on the left flourishing and the ones on the right dead?


Karen Burr said...

I think night wisp followed you there and is peeing on the right side! Just a thought!

Joanna & Ben said...

I love school...a little peace after the summer. Did anyone else have as much fun buying school supplies as I did? I have no need to buy for myself so I have to enjoy it vicariously through my children.

Jaime said...

They are so cute and looking so old. How nice that you can have a few hours to yourself!

danna said...

You are all alone during the day?! They all look so happy, glad they all loved school!