Sunday, August 28, 2011

Name Books

I have a slight obsession with books that have my kids names in them.
So when I discovered this one at our library that has Owen AND a frog on the cover,
I was pretty much ecstatic.
It ended up being the perfect little boy adventure story.
Read it loud most of the way to AZ.
Owen didn't want me to stop (which is saying a lot).
It made me happy.

So did this one:
There are a ton of Sally books out there.
But a book featuring her name and favorite color was a bonus.

Back to the trip for a second...
Justin said it looks like we're visiting the Star Wars movie set here.
Were parts of it really filmed @ the dunes?
And this gets me every time we drive by it on the way to the rim.
Are they advertising topless heifers?

And did I really just go from children's books to a cabaret picture?


Jenny said...

It seriously does look like you're in a Star Wars film. love it. I hadn't thought about getting books with their names in the title. I might do that today at the library.

Joanna & Ben said...

that cow on top of the sign is great.

eam said...

Is that where you used to work before you met Justin?

Malissa Cordova said...

lol hilarious!! That dang cow gets me every time too! And the kids ALWAYS have to read the sign, cause of course they like the cow!

The Watkins said...

We are big into name books too. We have lots of Ruby books and Max books and tons of Max and Ruby books. Gray, not so much.