Friday, August 21, 2015

Cars for Days

Monterey Auto Week

The Little Car Show

Justin, Auggie, and I went while kids were in school.
I wanted to put all those cute little cars in my pocket and take them home.

Exotics on Cannery Row

My favorite event of the week.
Cannery Row was blocked off and the street was lined with super fancy cars.
Justin was posing Auggie next to that black sports car for a picture,
when the owner lifted the door and gestured for Auggie to sit in.
An immediate crowd formed.
We had no idea at the time that was a 1.4 million dollar vehicle (Pagani Huayra). Yikes.

Concourse d'Lemons
Free sunglasses went over well.

Concorso Italiano
By this time we were both pretty carred out,
but had to take advantage of the free tickets Sarah offered us.
This picture doesn't do the event justice.
There were rows of Ferraris, Alfa Romeos (my favorite), Lamborghinis, and more.
It was a cool sight at first, but those tickets were probably wasted on us.
Justin would've been more happy at a Jeep show.
And I would've been happy to get a guided tour in a golf cart.

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