Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sometimes I Take Portraits

The Wades at Halloween

The Laflans at Christmas

Cybill before her Mission

The Carters at Christmas

Peter the Cowboy

The Laflans before Sarah started Chemo

Spun Paradise Cotton Candy

Noah at 1 Year

The Spencers at Christmas

The Hardys

Headshot for Michelle

The Snyders

Meg at 8 Years

These are some of my favorites from the past 2 years since moving back here. I randomly take pictures for friends. It's never been something I solicit. But I think I'm ready for that to change. After years of telling myself I just want do this for fun, I realized I still want to do it for fun. And money. I would love to turn this into a business. I have so far to go and that's overwhelming. But I think about it nonstop. In any free time, I read photography blogs, books, and magazines. I listen to podcasts. And I watch tutorials. Hoping to find someone I can mentor with. It's all kind of nuts! But I'm excited.


Torgersons said...

I love the pictures you take. You can totally do this for the big bucks with your talent. So awesome!

Jaime said...

I want you to take pictures of my baby! I love the pictures you took of Micah. They are my favorites. You have a gift.

kelli said...

Sign me up!! I love your pictures.

The Watkins said...


Lindsay Riggs said...

We are coming to Monterey to have you take our pics...sooner or later.

Loren Nicole said...

Your photos are amazing and you have the perfect personality to be a profesh photographer! Love that idea!

Rachel said...

Loren mentioned this post to me tonight so I had to see it myself! I support you 100%. You can totally do this, you have tons of experience, not tormenting the knack. My friends in high school used to be obsessed with the pics is post in fb (the ones you took). Now you just need to live closer. But seriously, start making money!