Sunday, August 02, 2015

Beach, Bach, Big Sur

Happy to be back at the beach after our trip to Arizona.


Trying out Justin's new camping hammock (Father's Day gift).

Nolan (Owen & Drew's friend/our neighbor) took this picture and added the caption.

Sally and I went to the family concert at the Carmel Bach Festival.
By this picture you might think it hokey or cheesy, but on the contrary!
(I use fancy words when writing about Bach)
Those performers were so amazing and it was the happiest hour of my whole week.
Not the hugest orchestra, but their sound completely filled the Sunset Center.
Seriously so good.

The flutist and the opera singer:

And the ocean themed Bach Festival photo booth.

Fireworks over the ocean for Feast of Lanterns.
(and every year we lament over how Pacific Grove has no July 4 fireworks, but they do have them for this festival)

Big day: Owen got registered for middle school.
He practiced his locker combo at least 10 times,
and has been back a couple times since to make sure he's still got it.

We have aquarium annual passes again thanks to Sarah.
This is quite possibly Auggie's favorite place in the world.
He walks around like he owns it.

This kid is weird.

We crashed our friends' campsite at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park.
Spent the day with them at the Gorge and the river.

Another day at the aquarium.

And another day at the beach:

 Owen and Drew discovered the van's back-up camera.

Down another kid in Sunbeams - today was David's last day.

And Sally's cute.

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Rachel said...

I love Auggie's beast mode and wish I could go to that concert thing too! It's so weird to see lockers indoor, seems like a tv show to me.