Friday, August 07, 2015

A New School Year

Owen started 6th Grade and his first year at middle school.
He got in some good locker-opening practice and was proud to say he had no locker troubles.
He found all his classes okay.
But was definitely overwhelmed by the crazy crowded halls.
Likes all his teachers.
Gave his first day a B.
I definitely shed a tear after he left and thought about him all day.

2nd grade for Sally and 4th for Drew.
Drew wasn't excited about the teacher he got, but I think she'll be fine.
Sally got a really great teacher.
Everyone came home happy.

 with our neighbor Nathaniel

Drew's first priority isn't matching.

Both Sally and Drew found their friends right away and I was no longer needed.

I'm happy with all the kids teachers this year.
Yet another reason for Justin to find a job here so we never have to move.

Side note: I forgot how much the kids have entertained Auggie all summer.
This lovely Monopoly mess greeted me after cleaning all morning.


Torgersons said...

Drew and my Owen are kindred spirits. I've decided to let Owen just dress how he wants and laugh about it instead of caring. I find ragamuffin children to be endearing. Can't believe Owen is in 6th grade! Praying for Justin to find a sweet job there.

Rachel said...

Owen is seriously growing up too fast. Do you let him take his phone to school?

Jaime said...

I recognize some of Gavin's old friends! What teachers did Drew and Sally get? I hope you can stay there!! (: