Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Day by Day

The grand prize of completing the summer reading program from the library: frozen yogurt.
She was the only one of our bunch to finish the whole thing.

Sarah was wiped out after her last chemo treatment.
We visited her in the hospital and she gave us a tour of her home for the last week.
There is awesome local art all over the hospital.

Took Auggie to the park in Oakland while Justin was in the temple.
All the rest of the kids stayed home with friends.
So nice to just have one for the day.

Sunday walk at Coastguard Pier and copy cats.

The 3-story slide at Fort Ord.

He thought they were hard boiled.

Went on Sally's first class field trip of the year, which was a walking tour of Pacific Grove.
Ms. D, Sally's teacher, knows EVERYONE.
Seriously felt like Mr. Rogers' neighborhood as store owners popped out to say hi,
friends ran up with tea.
 and we visited with the mayor. 
We stopped by the library, a book store, a park, the chamber of commerce, and city hall.

Drive in movie night at church.

Went to the museum for Science Saturday.
Everyone here is excited for "Big Blue Live" on PBS this week.

 Slingshot success.

He wouldn't go near this pirate in Moss Landing.

Went up for a few hours to try and find sand dollars.
And command the ocean.

Found 3 sand dollars.
He broke 2.
And a wave took him down.


Rachel said...

Mostly, I just want my ward to do a drive in movie like that. Or for penny to even like/ sit through any movie other than Elmo. 😩

The Watkins said...

IS that a primary activity? I LOVE all your slide pictures. Whenever I look through my lens to take a picture like that, it always looks so dark! Yours are so awesome!