Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Break

The kids are happiest when they get to stay home and play with friends.
So that's how we started spring break.
I got stir crazy and dejunked our room, which included getting rid of this gigantic baby blanket I started knitting for Sally when she was still in my belly.
I have no idea why I chose pepto bismol pink.

 Oh, just finishing up scout requirements AFTER his birthday.

Garrapata Hike

Crazy to pass this mountain full of prickly pear cactus not in Arizona and right near redwoods.

April Fool's
I kind of failed at April Fool's this year.
But I did enjoy watching kids eat the nasty flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans I left out.
Skunk, barf, dirty socks, baby wipes, lawn clippings, etc.

Giants Game
This was the highlight of spring break.
Justin had to work, so I took the kids along with Cal and the Wades (plus Jacob) to the Giants vs A's exhibition game at AT&T Park (first time there and it's amazing).

We were so high up in the stadium, but it was totally fine (except the climbing a ton of stairs holding Auggie part).
Could see the players well enough and the view of the bay/stadium was so good.
Weather was perfect.
Traffic was horrible.
Got home at 1am and it was worth it (even though the Giants lost).

Another friend day.
My good friend Sarah has breast cancer (at 37) and started chemo on April Fool's Day (wish it was a joke!)
She called me that morning feeling horrible, so we got Cal, Tes, and Meg all day.
Kids had fun.

A Justin creation.


Evaly said...

Just realized I never replied to your email... So sorry to hear about your friend's cancer. I'm glad you are there for her. Life is so hard sometimes. You are great at finding the beautiful parts.

Rachel said...

Why are baseball stadiums so gorgeous but baseball so boring? I love Auggies cardboard armor. I will steal your jelly bean idea. And drew can make me shishkabobs any day of the week!

The Watkins said...

That view! I love how it's right on the bay.

KatieJ said...

I'm sorry your friend is going through that- I saw your post on fb about it and was wondering if you knew her. And I'm sorry about the fbi job but Justin is too good/honest etc for goverment work- there must be something better for you guys- like here in Mesa??? :) Maybe the church needs arabic translaters? or military trained body guards for the apostles? Something amazing is in store...