Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Annual beach Easter egg hunt.
Nolan was the proud winner of the golden egg.
It was cold and windy and Owen lost his football to the ocean.

Easter Sunday

Started and ended the day with cascarones.
Those things are such a mess, but so fun.
Our neighbors gave them to us and now I need them every year.

General Conference was so good.
Justin had just found out he didn't get the FBI job,
so the words from our prophet and apostles were extra comforting.

We loved our dinner with the Hardys, Sons, and Ulibaris.


Rachel said...

But I like the picture of your little family spread out on the huge table best. Whatever cascarones are I want them. That painted teapot set is adorable. You're taking lots of artsy pictures and I like them! And also Sally is looking like you a bit!

The Watkins said...

I love these...bunny with no ears, confetti, fox feet.