Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ups and Downs

A typical Saturday, until...

Owen pretty much did a summersault on his bike.

He got some good road rash and what we thought was a broken wrist.

A trip to urgent care the next day revealed it was just a bad sprain.
At least it was his right hand (and he's a leftie).
But he missed a solid 2 weeks of baseball.

A Sunday walk:


Saying good-bye to Justin on his way to LA for his big FBI interview.
(he sadly didn't get the job)

Enjoying the horses at Wagon Wheel.

Hacienda Hay & Feed.
That Emu loved me.

Earthbound Farms.

Sally and Tes ran to the door after school, so upset that Drew had gotten tangled up in Tes's bike.
Then I saw him hobbling down the street with that pink bike and couldn't stop laughing.
Only he would get in that little predicament.

This is how Sally chose to decorate her Easter egg for a school project.

Easter Sunday attire a week early because of General Conference.
Okay, pretty much just Sally was festive.
And we were late to church for this picture.

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