Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dos and Deoderants

Axle and August.

Drew decided he needs to wear deoderant and convinced me to buy him some.
He does not stink whatsover, but hey if he wants to smell good I'm fine with that.
The next day he made all his friends smell his armpits.
And now Auggie is obsessed with the stuff and thinks he needs deoderant, too.

Our ward did raingutter regatta this year instead of pinewood derby.
I loved it because all boats were 100% done by the boys during scouts.

 Drew didn't win one race that counted (and he was bummed),
but he did win the "Classiest Cutter" award.
Which may have had something to do with the fact that he had the most family voters there.
Or maybe not.
I still feel bad that I was impartial and didn't vote for his.

 Cat set up this ice cream sundae bar in a raingutter that was super fun.

This kid joins me in the bathroom more often than not.
This particular day instead of following me out, he purposefully locked himself in.
And would not come out.
He went to town on my make-up and deoderant.
And then instead of unlocking the door, sat down on the sink and cried until Justin busted in.

Some happier moments:


Rachel said...

I love that drew wears deodorant and makes his friends smell it! Hope you bought him old spice! I will go ahead and steal that rain gutter ice cream bar idea.

Rachel said...

Also your post titles never cease to amaze.

The Watkins said...

That scrunched face looks like it belongs in a magazine.