Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Good Old Days


Usually, "Good Old Days" happens on General Conference weekend, so we rush down in-between sessions.
But this year, because of Easter, it got pushed back a week. 
We walked down early for the parade and then walked down to the street fair after.
Same baseball game as last year with the same plastic bats as prizes (all but one popped before we got home).
Did a few rides, walked a lot, and then walked some more on home.
Love our small town festivities.

Later that day, Justin came home from Costco with a kite.
Our kite flew well at first, but by the time the boys and Laflans got down there, it was way too windy.
Before the crazy wind:



Rachel said...

I like the butterfly donkey.

The Watkins said...

The quilt car! I love small town things like that!