Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Temple and a Baseball Camp

Saturday was our ward temple day.
This was my first time going to the Oakland Temple since moving back.
Forgot how much I love it.
Elder Bednar was in the session our ward did (visiting for the 50th anniversary of the temple).
But Justin and I were both in other parts of the temple, so we missed out on that.
It was a bummer!

 Owen and Drew stayed home to go to an Aaron Hill baseball camp.
Aaron Hill (far left), Cody Ross (middle), and Wade Miley (far right) from the Diamondbacks
were all there and each coached the kids in little groups.
Drew loved that Wade switched their baseball gloves when he wasn't looking (they're both lefties).
And now he (Drew) can say a pro MLB player wore his glove.


They came home with a bunch of autographed loot and talked about it all day.
Super neat experience for them.

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