Thursday, November 13, 2014


On Carving:
- Those cool green pumpkins are beasts to carve. So hard. Drew did what he could.
- Owen did his on his own (square cut-outs are pretty smart).
- Sally designed hers and I carved. Classic.

On Costumes:
- Sally got to borrow Tes's amazing white witch costume. Her hair was spray painted-semi white under that hat. Also notice her white nails and shoes..
- August's bat costume looks simple, but it took me a day to make. I was proud of it. And he only liked it when he was holding a ball or eating candy.
- Drew was Jose Bautista from the Blue Jays. The jersey he wears 3 times a week turned into his costume. He did get an eye-liner beard to complete the look.
- Owen was a bat thanks to a morph suit and foam wings.
- I have to correlate things whenever possible and tied the boys' costumes together in my head by thinking, "every baseball player needs a bat."
- Justin was an Iraqi soccer player with creepy make-up.
- I attempted an ice-bucket challenge costume that Brent thought up, but it was way too awkward.

On Trick-or-Treating:
- It was literally pouring buckets. We haven't had rain forever, and then got dumped on right after the school parade. I tried to be grateful for the rain, but it ruined my big plans to take fun pictures of the kids. And the church trunk-or-treat had to be moved to the gym (but at least there was a gym to move to). The kids went around and around until their buckets were full. Then we based at the Laflans house while the boys did more trick-or-treating in the rain.
- The score this year was a house that handed out fun hats.


rdelight said...

"Every baseball player needs a bat." Shauna, I love it!

The Watkins said...

I love the white converse. I can't believe you made those bat wings. So cute. I wish you lived closer because I'd ask to borrow it. I like classic Halloween costumes. I'm wondering if Ben is too old to still be a pumpkin?

Rachel said...

I didnt know you made auggies costume, im impressed! Sorry it rained so much on haloween.. if it makes you feel better im writing this on thanksgiving morning and im peeved cause penny had a bad night. Or maybe it just makes me feel better to say that..