Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Thanks 2014

Thankful for 5 Senses

Taste - Pepper
Smell - Forest
Hear - Drums
See - Mogollon Rim
Touch - Babies

Taste - Sweets
Smell - AZ Rain
Hear - Laughing
See - Kids Playing Nicely
Touch - Getting Back Rubs

Taste - Pasta with Bacon and Peas
Smell - Cookies Baking
Hear - Waves
See - Myself
Touch - Baby Auggie

Taste - Pizza
Smell - Cookies Baking
Hear - Auggie Babbling
See - Baseball
Touch - Snakes

Taste - Cherry Pie
Smell - Ocean
Hear - Talking
See - Jesus
Touch - Earth

August was left out since he couldn't talk.

Thankful ABCs

Aunts (Owen)
Blue Jays (Drew)
Crackers (Sally)
Drew (Justin)
Eggs (Shauna)
Fun (Owen for August)
Giants, SF (Owen)
Hollobaughs (Drew)
Ice (Justin)
Jesus (Sally)
Kit Kats (Owen)
Legs (Shauna)
Mommy (Drew)
Nonni (Sally)
Owen (Justin)
Prayer (Shauna)
Quilt (Owen)
Ruby (Sally)
Scriptures (Drew)
Tithing (Justin)
Umbrellas (Shauna)
Violin (Owen)
Waist (Drew)
Xrays (Justin)
Y'all (Shauna)
Zebras (Owen)

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