Thursday, November 13, 2014

Owen's 11th

 Loving (or not) the spotlight during the class singing to him.

 He requested vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.
I hope he requests sprinkles forever.

 After his game we brought (the same) cupcakes to share w/the team.
They sang to him and apparently offered money.
Oh and that game was maybe his best ever.
He is so great in center field and caught 2 huge flies off the same power hitter.
One catch he totally dove for.

Birthday morning.

He wasn't happy about a Sunday birthday, but maybe kind of fun to be sang to on your actual day?

 He ended up saying it was his best birthday ever, Sunday and all.
But I'm pretty sure he says that every year.

11 is such a random year to do a party, but it's been years since he had one.
So we did Nerf Firevision baseball at night.
I thought it was crazy (and it was). But the boys loved it.


The Watkins said...

Owen is 11? I can't believe it. Next year YM?? Oh my gosh. I feel old. I love that your boys are so into baseball, wearing hats 24/7, even inside. And how Aug sneaked into that Firevision picture. I didn't even see him the first time.

Rachel said...

He seriously tugs at my heartstrings. I love his smile and i love that he says its the best birthday every year. That pic of sally hugging him is priceless!