Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Worth Mentioning

August was there.

Owen's first time pitching.

Maybe wasn't as fun as he thought it'd be.

An awesome party for a church friend.
The pirate ship in the background was made out of cardboard boxes.
To the right of the ship is an octopus.

Daddy-daughter dance for church.

They got Slurpees.
Then they got dragged around Target.

During one of Owen's baseball games, a team-mate's brother rigged up this swing.

He makes this surprised face all the time.
Here it was in reaction to the skeleton in our front yard.

My goal for fall break was to sell Lurzy.
Drew wouldn't touch her, hated feeding her live food, and Justin and I were done.
I cleaned her terrarium, took pictures for Craig's List, created a post, hit publish...
...and then she was nowhere to be found.
She hadn't moved from that spot for an hour, and after a few minutes alone had totally vanished.
We searched the backyard for at least an hour with no luck.
So I listed just her supplies on Craig's List and they were bought pretty much right away.
She never showed up and I feel bad thinking about what might have happened.
But we're all happy to be pet-free again.

A day at Lover's Point during Fall Break.

Another day at Lover's Point during Fall Break.
That's Owen in the orange chair (unnecessarily) saving our spot.

Owen got to go on a Young Men's campout with Justin
so he could pass off some last requirements for his Arrow of Light.

Found a cozy spot to read during one of Owen's baseball games.

There is one dirty cupcake face hiding behind those hands.

Owen trying out his Halloween costume early.

Owen's fall ball team party at Gianni's.
The Pirates had an undefeated season.

The coach of all coaches.

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Rachel said...

I love August's surprised face, that amazing cardboard ship, and that Lurzy disappeared. Poor Lurzy.