Friday, May 30, 2014

Kids in Uniform

Owen's regular season ended on such a high note.
Wish I could say the same about playoffs.

 Coach Dave is a super nice, positive guy.

Owen played center field most of the season and had some huge catches.
He also had some great hits.
So fun to watch him.

With his best baseball friend, Kevin.

Drew. Loves. Baseball.

His friend Dax sent Flat Stanley to take around.
Stanley got to be an honorary member of the River Dogs one game.

 with Talen.

 During the team party at Mountain Mikes,
Coach Ken said Drew is the fastest on the team (he timed them all).
And then he added that his mouth runs just as fast as his feet.
It's so very true.
Drew talks nonstop and is so loud.
Most of the kids love it.
Not sure I can say the same for the coaches.

Sarah took this picture of the boys after the championship playoff game in Owen's league.
Owen's team didn't make it that far (they got 3rd), so we were there to cheer on Cal and the Brewers.

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