Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Good Planning

 I would like to thank whoever planned the fathers and sons campout to be on Mother's Day weekend.

And I would like to thank Justin for wanting to take August at 19 months (he did great).

When the boys first left, Sally was at a friend's house.

So I plopped down on the couch, smiled a big cheesy smile, and enjoyed the silence.

Well, the mostly silence (Lurzy the bearded dragon is a noisy eater).

So while the boys were off getting stinky, we did the opposite.

Got all fancy (including high heels that are normally for dress-up only) and went for dessert with friends at a French restaurant in Carmel.

Sally loved it, even though her behavior was more suited for McDonald's than Patisserie Boissiere.

Mother daughter time is a good thing and should happen more often, especially in this house full of boys.

Post Edit: A couple pictures Justin took at the campout.

They lucked out and got a cabin, which they shared with the Laflans and Carsons.


Jaime said...

I agree and Linnea and I spent our evening similarly. (:

The Watkins said...

I love those pictures of the girls. And their high heels...so very fancy. What a fun little night.

Rachel said...

Sally's white dress is super cute! Those desserts look tasty. You should come to Arizona already, i get bored every day..

Becky said...

I NEED SALLY's DRESS! where did you find it! super hard to find a baptism dress! :P

Evaly said...

Her shoes! I'm dying! :)