Monday, May 26, 2014

May Days

Justin is one of the girls.

Sarah left her sunglasses.

Our boys and the neighbor boys are finally friends.
They go to different schools and had never met until baseball season.

Justin re-enlisted for 4 more years with the USMC Reserves.
Our church friend Tom Carson came over and did the re-enlistment in our house.
They hung that flag just for the occasion.

Sometimes we luck out and get Dennis the Menace Park to ourselves.
And then a few minutes later a school bus full of kids pulled up.

For teacher appreciation week, we met on a Saturday to weed the class garden.
Drew was thrilled about it.

Danna sent me the best birthday package of Hawaiian goodies.
My favorite was her cotton candy.

We had a warm week here.
Which meant it was even more warm in Carlsbad.
Between the heat and the wind there were major fires there.
So glad our friends were okay.


Annie Packard said...

When are you going to come down and visit while Justin is doing a weekend here???

Rachel said...

I forgot how much I love your blog and blogs in general. I haven't checked em since Penny has been born! Please tell me how Justin is making those girls laugh so hard, I love it! Bet Sally is proud of him to her friends. :) It makes me happy that the boys are friends with eh neighbors. Neighbor friends just make me happy! Was Dana's cotton candy better than normal cotton candy? I can't wait til I get to bring Jacob and Penny to show them the Dennis the Mennace park.