Friday, May 30, 2014

School is Cool

 This year all 3 teachers were so great.
Like so great I could cry.
Perfect matches for my kids.

Mrs. Wright got Sally to open up and could deal with her highs and lows
(which weren't major, but she had a few funky days).

Ms. Hirst is so even-tempered and consistent and helped Drew like school again.
(his teacher last year had ruined it for him)
Notice his teary eyes in the picture above. He loved her.

Ms. Valdez is amazing all around.
Owen struggles with school and she has been a huge support and so positive for him.

 Drew and "The Monkey Club" (Jack, Talen, and Peter)
They're the monkey club because they all like monkeys, obviously.
Also, they love sports.
One week they each chose a day that was for their favorite team.
Then all the kids dressed in that team's colors.
Drew's favorite team is randomly the Blue Jays.
Anyway, they're a fun group of boys.

Sally and Tes showing off their ABC books they worked so hard on.

 Sally's tears (sad to leave Mrs. Wright) kicked in a little late.
She had to be helped to stay in the picture (notice the shoes of Drew's friend, Justice, behind the sign).

After school, we went to Talen's neighborhood.
His mom's friend owns this truck and she surprised the kids by having it there.

It was a cold last day of school, but maybe if we eat enough ice cream it will still feel like summer.

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Jaime said...

Makes me kinda miss Forest Grove. Gavin had Mrs. Hirst and really liked her too. Your kids are growing up so fast!