Monday, May 26, 2014

Mother's Day

 My friend Sarah does the store displays for Lula's Chocolates.
She used the picture on the left of my mom and baby me for the Mother's Day display.
Kind of fun.

 August's 18 month checkup was the Friday before Mother's Day.
The receptionist handed me a flower on the way out.
Auggie loves flowers and wouldn't let it go.
He also loves destroying them.
By the time we made it home every petal was on the van floor.

 A couple weeks before Mother's Day, I met the kids walking home from school.
As soon as Owen saw me he started running and sobbing uncontrollably.
He couldn't talk and wouldn't tell me what was wrong.
I started guessing the worst.
Finally got out of him that he thought I was going to hate the picture of me he drew in art.
Broke my heart!
I told him if it had black hair and brown eyes it was as good as any drawing I could do.
I obviously love the picture and want to know where I can find that orange outfit.

Actual Mother's Day was maybe the best yet.
Justin always does a great job of taking care of everything.
But sometimes I stress too much.
This year I was able to relax and enjoy the kids/day.
Didn't even stress when we were late for church and Justin didn't get a shower.
Also, I realized my kids are capable of a lot.
And Owen is getting back on diaper duty.

Post edit: this came off Justin's phone...the end of a happy mother's day with some crazy kids.

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Rachel said...

That picture of you and mom is so precious and I still want to cry at the thought of Owen being sad about his drawing. But I do like the orange outfit too. :)