Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Baptism Weekend

Sally got to enjoy a girl cousin for a change.

Gavin (love his little voice) came to play, too.

Drew had a big cheering section (and sadly, his team got beat worse than they ever have).

Dad donned a scary costume.

Mom did a little Halloween party in the park after the baptism.

Brent and Errin are still trying to get rid of their cheese balls.

Drew & Erica enjoyed the view (he's on her shoulders) at the beach.

And always a bonfire.

All of my baptism stress aside, it was an awesome weekend.

Thank you everyone that made the trip!

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here we are together said...

Hi! I love the photos! I only just found your blog, which is funny because we share the same blog - name!
I'll definitely be back!
Miri of herewearetogether.com :)