Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Not to Be Confused with Peter Pan or Buddy the Elf

Drew as Link (from Legend of Zelda)

I made the costume and Justin made the shield using this tutorial:
Link Costume Step by Step

I had never heard the word, "cosplay" before.
But it's nice to know our hard work wasn't wasted on one day.
Drew can also wear this to the next Comic Con.

Then there's Sally as Aurora.

She made a last-minute wardrobe change
when she was given this dress Halloween Day.

We had initially borrowed a cute witch costume (seen on her below back left).

And lastly, Owen the Pirate with his, "mean" pirate faces.

Thank you Halloween City.

The only thing that makes me more happy than seeing Drew in tights...

...is seeing those tights slowly sag down throughout the night.
We went good old-fashioned trick or treating around our neighborhood.
And liked it.

Now on to the pumpkin.
Oh wait, that one isn't ours.

I wanted to buy another huge pumpkin like last year,
but never made it to the pumpkin patch.

So Brent & Errin were nice to donate their home-grown one to us.

We let Owen & Drew design the face

Then totally ignored their designs and went with an Angry Bird.
(their idea not mine to all be touching the pumpkin for a picture)

Really our only celebrating was done at the preschool party.
(our ward didn't do trunk-or treat!)

Sally finally started participating once her costume was off
and some candy had been eaten.

And this concludes our Halloween recap.

Happy Halloween!


The Watkins said...

You made that? Impressive. R and G love the Legend of Zelda. And that pic of Drew in the candle light is awesome.

Lindsay Riggs said...

Owen's mean face and Drew's saggy tights are a crack up!

Rachel Lyn said...

I don't think there's anything that makes me happier than seeing Drew in tights.. and Ellis in a pumpkin with leg holes.. and thank you for reminding me of last year's pumpkin! That was amazing!

Evaly said...

I love the Link costume- it looks awesome. Guess we both had angry birds on the brain this year :)