Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Recap

My mom has patience for days.
She involved kids in everything from bread making to pie making
to candy turkey making, penny collections, and endless games.

A baptist church by Karen's house has a roller skating rink.
It came complete with a disco ball, lights, and Kidz Bop.

Sally was the only one of my kids that enjoyed the skating.

Or, just wearing the skates.

Turkey Bowl Participants:


Back at the house...
I think it was his best one ever.

Rachel was inspired by Pinterest to do a life-size Angry Birds game.

Also seen that day:

Saturday, we were all just sitting around and next thing we know, Dad rigged a zipline.
The mini version:

And the super sized one:

We ended our lovely week with another sand dunes pit-stop on the way home.

Twilight with Justin. Yes, Justin.
A random fire in my parents' freezer. No damage done.
Long wait for Black Friday shopping (Justin). Got what he wanted (which really wasn't a lot, but he loves the excitement).
Got my hair done.
Went to Jump Street.
Firehouse Subs (my first time...yum) and games with Nate, Bethany & Gavin.
Breakfast at Crackers with friends.
Cousin Kristen's wedding reception.


Evaly said...

Wow- you guys packed a lot of fun in to your trip! Your parents are so cute.

Krissie said...

Sounds like so much fun!

Karen Burr said...

I hate you for that picture of me!

Annie said...

Love your blog. Want your camera.

Steph said...

I love this last shot! Magazine-worthy! And I love how you write like a newspaper read now. You're always creating and re-creating. You inspire.