Saturday, August 14, 2010

Manual Labor

When our movers called on moving day to say they had a 2-day delay
(after our house was completely packed up), we decided to go the U-Haul route.

After muuuuch hard work on Justin's part, the house got loaded and cleaned.

We left a day late...better than 2 days late.

Did you pass us on the I-10?
I was following Justin in the van...
hugging the steering wheel so I could drive with my left foot.
And also worrying about getting a ticket for driving too slow (U-Hauls are not speedy).

"The Thing" billboards sucked us in so we pit stopped there.

Do not recommend.
Just a random collection of old dusty stuff.
I was hoping for some sort of prehistoric monster.

We made it to AZ and I had one puffy foot.

Yesterday morning, Justin drove the U-Haul to be unloaded at our future house.
His brother Linus flew him back late that night.

So now we get to spend a few days here not thinking about moving.

Funny thing is when Justin was finishing up unloading our stuff in California,
I was getting some stretching tips from Jared and I can now hobble around crutch-free.

Funny how that happens now that the hard part is over.

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Steph said... made it tho! Finally.