Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Breakfast Club

Lindsey, Katie, Me, Debbie (my 3 BFF's since 8th-9th grade)

I have fun going to breakfast with them during my Mesa visits.

Today's breakfast was at Liberty Market.
Super cute place but just medium good breakfast food.
We would like TC Eggington's food to be served there since
TC's atmosphere is very granny.

I'm glad we have an updated picture of us to replace the one from 9 years ago in front of IHOP.


Sara Hollobaugh said...

FUN TIMES! Glad you get to come and see them:) What a fun tradition.

sara said...


KatieJ said...

We are as hot as ever- especially me with my mom-ponytail :) Thanks for always making time for breakfast! It's always fun to see you. (and Debbie and Lins too!)

Steph said...

You guys are so cute!