Tuesday, August 03, 2010

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If I were to have pictures of the last 3 days, this is what you would see.

(above) Me sitting next to Sally at the bottom of the playground stairs with my hands covering my face. Wondering if the golf-ball size swelling on my right ankle was real. Did I really just twist it carrying Sally down those stairs? The swelling was immediate. And huge. Happened Saturday.

Hannah helping me hobble over to our pool-side table where we had just started to get settled.

Sitting on a pool chair calling Justin. He was at an 11-Year-Old Scout campout and didn't have his phone on him.

Everyone's faces when they saw my injury. The scrawny lifeguard wins the award for best reaction. None were offensive but most were a little dramatic. Being in shock I didn't fully appreciate them at the time.

Head lifeguard and Amanda (friend & future nurse) fitting me with a beach towel & tape splint.

2 scrawny lifeguards carrying me to my van. The head lifeguard had just informed me she'd get her big strong lifeguard to help, but for some reason he watched while 2 little dudes did the job.

My van pulling away. Hannah driving. Amanda as passenger. Me in the back. All in swim apparel.

Lori and 3 husbands (still hadn't got ahold of mine) staying behind at the pool w/all the kids...probably wondering what became of their afternoon that was supposed to be fun. (but really everyone was so beyond nice and helpful)

Amanda wheeling me into the ER (still in swim apparel).

Hannah's towel skirt falling off in the parking lot.

An empty ER room! Immediate service.

An x-ray (in swim apparel).

Justin made it!

Standing up to get fitted for crutches. Swim skirt below my rear (Justin thought I was aware so he didn't tell me but pretty much my entire body was numb and tingly so I wasn't feeling much).

No break (phew!). Sprain. Crutches & air cast for a week. Then air cast maybe another week.

Hobbling around on crutches. Awkward. Uncoordinated.

Bruises from crutches. Sore knees from crawling when needing a break from crutches. (K really I wouldn't post those pictures, I just want you to feel sorry for me).

Hannah painting my toes yellow (she & Amanda visited since I won't be driving in the near future).

Resting. Reading. Icing.

Kids using crutches as weapons.

My sprain pain is minimal...mostly just an inconvenience. Still swollen and sensitive. The crutches hurt worse than my injury. Kids are pretty helpful while Justin's at work...and also pretty aware that I can't enforce anything. Friends are awesome. Timing is not (moving Mon or Tues, packing ourselves). And I'm not depressed (that was mostly for sister Rachel who said my last post was too depressing :))


Lindsay Riggs said...

Yikes! What a bummer. Hopefully you'll have a miraculously quick recovery!

Hannah said...

I am really glad there isn't a picture of me without my towel in the parking lot.

berrygirl--Jaime said...

Shauna! Your post was interesting, sad and funny all at once! I wish I was there to help you but I'm glad their are others to help! What bad timing.

Cher said...

Oh, that was a funny story. I have lots and lots of sympathy for you because I have sprained my ankle very badly in sports (once my mom picked my foot up and dropped it back on the couch). I hope it heals soon. BTW, do you have any pictures? I want to see some:)

KatieJ said...

I want to say "hahahaha" because your post was really funny! but I don't want you to think I'm laughing at you because I am so sorry you hurt your ankle! I really wish I could see those non-existent pictures though! Well hopefully you get out of the hard moving work now, though I know it's probably killing you! I wish I could do something to help, how about an online (((hug))) Feel better now? I know, I'm sorry!

Becky said...

i am with katie - so funny post! but i'd expect nothing less from you. BUT - yikes! OUCH! no fun! i am sorry! that totally bites! i am sorry - why are you packing yourself? where are the marine peeps?

Dasha said...

Oh no!! Awful but you wrote it in such a funny way, so thank you for that. Here's to hoping you heal quickly.

Sara Hollobaugh said...

My goodness!! I hope you will heal FAST!! I remember when I broke my foot with Payten but I didnt have to have crutched just a walking boot thank goodness cause she was still in an infant carrier and couldnt walk. Which foot was it, your driving one?? I hope not!! Good luck, wish I was closer to help!!

Jessica Crozier said...

You poor thing! And right before the move, too. Great thing that you have friends able to help. I hope it heals quickly! Are you and Justin moving the family out together? He doesn't have to go before?

Shauna said...

Cher - no pictures! Not one!

Becky - The military contracted movers here are so backed up we had no choice but to do it ourself. We could've hired our own movers w/their $ but we'll make some money by doing it ourselves. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Now...not so sure.

Jessica - YES Justin and I get to move out together...this time he'll be doing most of the work. The tables have turned since the last move! :)

But I like that everyone is laughing with me...it makes me feel better :)

Rachel Lyn said...

bahahah i'm laughing hard. you're so clever it kills me,

Bethany said...

That's a bummer! I hope you heal quickly.

sara said...

holy hell girl!