Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good Timing

It was a happy day when Danna and I realized we'd be visiting AZ at the same time.

Karen cut her hair (including her hot new bangs) and then we went to lunch with my mom.
Ticoz (known for guacammus) is no longer open for lunch...
so Plan B was The Parlor.
SO good.
Roasted beet salad was amazing.

Afterward, Felicity wanted a picture with Owen.
But he was busy swimming so Drew offered.
Felicity gave a little smile.

But when we finally got Owen next to her she got really happy.
I like that she likes him so much.

And I also like that we will be living a lot closer to Monterey so we can have more future visits.


Shannon said...

wow, dana looks awesome (i haven't seen her in so long) love the bangs!!

ps: you don't look to shabby yourself, shauna ;-)

amanda said...

When I first saw the picture I was like who is that with Felicity?! Danna's hair looks so cute!

danna said...

Can I just say again how happy I am I saw you yesterday?! It was so fun! I need to get to AZ a lot more for bang trimming though!

Steph said...

They are totally gonna marry eachother :)