Monday, November 02, 2009

Effects of Anesthesia

In case you can't understand, here's some closed captioning:

Nurse: (not sure)
Justin: Maybe I might break dance (I think that's what he said thanks to Sara's clarification)
Nurse: No, not here (laughing)
Justin: I'm pretty good
Nurse: Ya? Okay go ahead and step down for me
Justin: I kind of forgot how

Aaron: Allright say hi
Justin: Hey Fallujah (Iraq). I'll be back.
Aaron: How'd it go?
Justin: What?
Aaron: How are your teeth?
Justin: Uuuhhhhh they're kind of...I think they went surfing.
Aaron: Oh well you don't have them anymore.
Justin: Oh! I guess that explains why.
Aaron: You want to drive?
Justin: Um the hot chick said I ain't supposed to drive.
Aaron: The nurse?
Justin: Yyyah
Aaron: Okay I'll take you back to the det (Marine Corps detachment at DLI). You gonna work today?
Justin: I don't know.
Aaron: Go home and take a nap?
Justin: Moomkin ("maybe" in Arabic)
Aaron: Say, "Hi Shauna I love you!"
Justin: Hey sweetie pie.

Aaron: Is it ringing?
Justin: Dude, phones always ring. Ahhh man I gotta pee bad.
Aaron: She's not there?
Justin: Uh uh I don't know what her problem is...she must not like me that much
Aaron: Yes she does.

(Accidentally left my phone in the van while I was shopping...when I called him back he was still talking the same craziness.)

I'll leave off the video Aaron took from around the corner of him going to the bathroom. But it involved the Nile, a fish coming out, and being hydrated.

There were other funny stories Aaron Justin calling all the Navy guys he saw Devil Dolphins (Marines are called Devil Dogs). And watching him crawl up a ramp on base. They made him do some paperwork there after surgery!

3 days later...he is still puffy, sore, and swolen. But he's back to school and getting better. He got his bottom 2 wisdom teeth taken out before his mission but still had these top 2 that he's wanted to get rid of for awhile. He wanted to do it here so he wouldn't have to go to a military dentist.


stephanie said...

oh my goodness. i was dying.

Jessica said...

hahah so funny I was laughing when he said “Um the hot chick said I ain't supposed to drive.” and “Hi sweetie pie ” just because I know how he is with PDA. How does he feel about you posting theses?

Sherri said...

I'm laughing out loud!

Lisa said...

That was HILARIOUS!!!! The first video was my favorite. "I forgot how". hehehehhe

Katie said...

That was freaking awesome!!

Justin and Liz said...

HA HA HA HA!! That is so funny! I hope he knows you still like him even though you didn't answer your phone!

Cherisse said...

Genius. Who's idea was it to video Justin? So funny. I can't wait to show Chad these.

Sara Hollobaugh said...

Ok I have only watched the first one but I thougt he said maybe I might break dance, (she said No nt in here) and he said I am pretty good?? regardless it is hillarious!

Shauna said...

Justin didn't care that I posted these just so you all don't think I'm a mean wife :) And Sara, I think you're right about what he said in the 1st understand him better than me! I'll have to ask Aaron...he'll know for sure.

Sara Hollobaugh said...

Those are freaking hillarious!! I am glad you got it on video! Those will be treasured forever!! Who needs drugs when you can just have surgery! I have to admit I have already watched them a few time!

Meredith said...

ha! that was sooo funny. I could of watched hrs of it!! thanks for the laugh. Does he remember any of it?

Steph said...

HILARIOUS!!! I Love that you posted them too! I'm still laughing..................................................................................
That, I think, is by far the best effect of anesthesia I've seen on anyone! :) Thanks for the laugh....still laughing about "the hot chick told me no"

Nutts said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I am so glad you shared this!!! Great laugh to start my day :) Justin, I've only met you once (wedding reception) but after watching these I feel like I know you very well! Freakin' hilarious.

Nichole said...

that is funny. i should have done that to luke when he was knocked out and come too. he was seeing rabid dogs and birds flying everyplace...hope justins feeling better.

Justin and Liz said...

I showed this to my Justin when he got home from work and he was in tears! I haven't seen him laugh that hard in a long time!!! I was laughing so hard that I was in tears because he was laughing so hard! Tell your Justin thanks for the laugh at his expense! ;) P.S. This family just moved into the ward and they have a little 7 month old boy who looks just like your Justin!! It is so weird! I was with them all day today and I couldn't believe how much he looked like Justin! I will have to send a picture. :)

Krissie said...

That was so funny! David wasn't funny like that at all because the base dentist didn't knock him out at all. I'm glad Justin is good though.

Stephanie Snyder said...

Maybe i might break dance!! I haven't laughed so hard in a while! Is Justin embarrassed of this? Hope not, because it's hilarious.

As a footnote i must say that my dad was a dentist in the Air Force and is the BEST dentist in the WORLD. :)

Ashley said...

That is to funny. I bet your glad Aaron took those videos.

ScottandLiesel said...

So many posts on your blog deserve a many. But, THAT? That was beyond funny.

ScottandLiesel said...

Didn't realize there were more videos than the last one. So, I drew the family all around and we had a good belly laugh. Thank you, Justin!

Billy and Cassie plus4 said...

Oh my Gosh this is too funny! The thing is justin was kinda like that on his mission when you would ask him a question he would come back with a smartalec response. Ask him about the time he and his companion were riding their bikes to my parents house for dinner, and i think a dog was chasing him and it had been raining...Just put it this way, my mom had to loan him some of my dads church attire while his dried.