Thursday, January 16, 2014

Random January

They're still making these bracelets and I'm still taking pictures of them.

 Black light mini golfing was our last family activity before school started back up.
It was pretty fun, but what's becoming of me if I'd way rather go do something in nature?
Justin stuck with Sally and taught her the ropes.
The boys went crazy.

We loaded up the bikes for a ride around Point Lobos.
This was Justin's last free Friday before HIS school started.
Kind of nice being able to take off not worrying about kids (Sally).
And by kind of nice, I mean really nice.

 Last weekend the boys were sick AGAIN.
So I took Sally to this miniature dollhouse museum (in the background of the first pic) in The Barnyard.
The detail in the houses was crazy.
Had no idea the $$$ people spend on this as a hobby.

And in-between it all he turned into a little boy.
This was on a quiet afternoon with just us 2.
In-between work and Justin's random schedule there aren't too many of those.
I had brought out that washcloth to wash his face.
After I set it down, he picked it up and washed the sidewalk and then his hands.
Please bless that this cleanliness sticks with him.


Rachel said...

Sally looks so dang happy to be at that dollhouse museum :). And I love that August cleaned the floor. I bet the boys are the coolest kids in school with the most armbands!

Moreno's said...

I love seeing all of your family adventures..and most especially the ones that are free. It always gives me good ideas for us with our boys to take advantage of all the natural stuff around here. I can't believe how much August has grown. He is too cute!

The Watkins said...

I should take pics of all the bracelets my kids have. That's a good idea. I LOVE that you caught August doing his thing, totally unaware that you were snapping away.