Sunday, January 26, 2014

All We Are is Random

The kids had Monday off of school to celebrate MLK Day.
I had to work.
Sarah was nice to entertain them at the high school and her house.

Then later we met at the beach.
Sarah was holding Tes and he wanted a turn.

A little illegal drive around the neighborhood.
Can't wait for that thing to be done.

100th Day of School was Wednesday.

 Yesterday Justin took the oldest 3 to Stillwater Cove in Pebble Beach to hunt for golf balls.
They found 150.

You can see the golf course in the background below.
And also please notice the floating golf ball.
They hit most of them into the ocean.

In the meantime, I was home w/napping August.
And then we went to Whale Fest.
Nobody else wanted to.
And for once, they made the right call.
It was lame.
Our stop at the library afterwards was much more entertaining.

The kids helped make a bunch of brownies for a youth fireside.
Owen got the licking the bowl honors.
Not sure how he got batter on his knees, but he hiked up his shorts to keep em clean.

And once again, I stayed home from church with sick kids.
Sally has a 103 fever.
August has a cough. 
One of his favorite things is markers.
Specifically taking the lids off of them and scribbling on the nearest thing.
He's gotten our kitchen chairs and bedspread real good.
So today I tried to teach him to write on paper.
We're still working on it (notice his pants).


Shannon said...

Stillwater cove is my favorite spot. It was better years ago before the country club got all snooty out there, but I cannot believe you found 150 golf balls! Should have had Sally bring them to her 100th day of school celebration.

kelli said...

Love Justin's orange jeep tires!! Owen looks so much like Jones. Great pictures.

Rachel said...

So sad how sick your kids were! Impressive golfball in the air picture and I want a bike like that with Auggie.. if I haven't mentioned it before! You can tell him to color a picture for me in marker. :)