Monday, January 06, 2014

Point Lobos

We finally made it to Point Lobos since moving back to the Monterey area.
It is quite possibly my favorite place on the planet.
And I've been to like 10 places.
But really, it's amazing.
We used to be able to get down on that beach (China Beach).
Sad it was closed this time.

Gibson Beach @ Point Lobos

 That little black ball in the ocean is the head of a seal.

 Just took a bite of kelp.

Tide Pools @ Point Lobos

Cute little sea star/Auggie's first time holding one.


kelli said...

The water in that first picture is so blue! Wow really pretty!

Rachel said...

Auggie is such a little boy it kills me! And I appreciate Owen's short swimsuit. I like a man who can pull that off :)

The Watkins said...

There are so many cool places there. Maybe there are cool places here, I just need to leave the 1 mile radius around my house.

Annie Packard said...

You are always on a great adventure!!! I am sending my san jose sister here asap.

Rachel said...

Did I mention how crazy it is that that seal was so close to you?!