Sunday, October 27, 2013

Double Digits

 Yesterday was Owen's 10th birthday.

He requested purple balloons.

And footie pajamas.
 (Sally's ensemble is unrelated)

He got some fun gifts.

And chose Mountain Mike's (pizza) for lunch.

Well, really he wanted Chuck E Cheese.
But that's in scary Salinas, so I bribed him into MM's.

There were lots of free community events going on for Halloween.
We chose Science Saturday at the PG Natural History Museum.
 All the kids held that tarantula fearlessly.

This could've been Drew's birthday for how happy he was to hold snakes.
 (a snake is #1 on his Christmas list and I'm really hoping that changes)

That night was the trunk or treat at church.
So nice of them to have a party in Owen's honor.
 I offered all the kids $10 if they wore a costume we already had.
Owen was the only one who took the deal.
Didn't realize how tattered his Scream costume from last year was but he was fine with it.

I was sewing up until it was time to go to get Auggie's costume ready.
So happy it turned out.
The mummy I attempted for myself most definitely did not.

Justin did Drew's creepy make-up.
It looked awesome while it lasted.

After inhaling a bunch of candy, Owen didn't want any cake.
So we stuck 10 candles in a burnt cornbread muffin just so we could sing.

 What a little sweetie.

August was so tired that when Owen hugged him good-night, he just stayed like this.

Ended his day with a little TV.

He always gets bummed when his birthday is over,
so it was nice to have his real cake (ice cream cake - no picture) today to draw it out.

Love Owen!


Krissie said...

Happy Birthday Owen! What a fun day!

Jaime said...

Gavin liked looking at this post with me. In one of those smiling pictures, he looks so much like Justin. Happy Birthday Owen! Sounds like a fun day!

Rachel said...

Aww that smiling picture of him with the cornbread muffin cake melts my heart. I love you Owen HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Annie Packard said...

There is so much in this post that I loved. Miss you and your family.

Becky said...

I don't even know what is my favorite about this post...too many fabulous things to name. basically I adore your cute little family. :)