Wednesday, October 02, 2013

We Can't Contain Our Excitement







This is the most exciting post ever.

It consists of:

A day when I had to work but Justin/kids had no school and they went to the beach.

A slightly rainy (more like sprinkly day) playing in the gutter, an almost-walking baby (he's up to 10 steps), riding the electric scooter, then finding that almost-walking baby in the garage with scissors.

Auggie, who can never resist laying down on a pillow.

A car wash.

A rock show. That actually was fun due to Owen's current fascination with geology (his teacher is pretty awesome).

Auggie riding a dog at a birthday party.

And some coloring. With Playskool crayons. Who buys those over Crayola? Justin.


Moreno's said...

I just love how this post is so real and just proves how human we all are and how normal our crazy lives are.
Those are the best pics of August just playin outside in his diaper.
love it!

rdelight said...

Where did you get that baby in the gutter?! He is darling! You are such a great photographer.
And this post made me feel like a normal person... thank you, Shauna. :)