Monday, October 14, 2013

Ma, Pa, and Cole Came to Visit

We got to have Mom, Dad, and Cole for a few days last week.

It was Cole's fall break, but ours isn't till this week, so we still had school to work around.

Wednesday we got them re-acquainted with the aquarium.

Followed by our other usual place, Lover's Point.

That night, Justin, Drew, Mom, and Sally went back at low tide for some night tide pooling.
I was too cold and tired but now I wish I went.
They loved it.

Some of us went back the next morning for low tide again.
 This was the higher of the 2 daily low tides and we didn't have much luck.

But Drew did find find a sea star and the boys also found moon stones and sea glass.

Dad and his iPad had some quality time.

(he spent plenty of quality time with humans too, don't worry. he's awesome with August)

Friday was picture day so I sent the kids for half day.
I let the boys wear their mismatched basketball shorts and t-shirts every other day of the year,
but insisted they look presentable this one day.
They were not happy and it was a rough morning. 
Finally got Owen out the door after sending him with a change of clothes and promising to call his teacher so she'd know he could change.
When I picked him up of course he was fine and hadn't even changed (but he did first thing in the van).
Dang basketball shorts.

Our last major adventure with our guests was the beach and kayaking at (you guessed it) Lover's Point.

Justin went out with Cole and with me, then got a little seasick and was done for the day.

So I took over and went out with Mom, Owen, and Drew.

I loved it a lot.

With Justin I saw otters and jellies.

With Mom we were so close to a couple seals and saw more jellies.

Was out with Owen for awhile and sadly didn't see anything!
Really wanted to show him the huge jellyfish up close.

Drew said he saw a jellyfish but I didn't see it.

The boys both liked it, but were nervous and relieved to be back to shore.

Did I mention I loved it?
Loved seeing the things we normally see from shore or in the aquarium out in their natural habitat.

Can't wait to do it again.

Then after that (and some good ol McDonald's ice cream cones) my family had to be on their way.
(Cole had a volleyball tournament the next day)

The trip was way too short and we were all (even Justin) sadder than normal when they left.
But we are so happy they came and will hopefully see them again soon.

Not pictured:
- shopping and donuts while kids were at school
- shopping with Mom, Owen and Cole (for Owen's and August's birthdays)
- Red House Cafe butternut squash soup for Mom and I (not near as good as their mushroom)
- Cole's custom made minifigures he brought for the kids
- Rachel's rock collection she sent for Owen to keep
- Canasta playing after kids were in bed (Justin and I totally won)
- August becoming a walker (his max before they got here was 10 steps, he is now all over the place)
- Dad and Justin working on the Jeep


Annie Packard said...

Sea kayaking is the best. I wish they weren't so darn expensive to own.

kelli said...

That's a really sweet post of your family! Love the black and white picture of you. Laughing so hard about the basketball shorts- I'm done with these shorts as well with my boys.

rdelight said...

I love that you kayaked... you're so much more adventurous than me. And I love that Justin got seasick... totally a TJ move as well.
I'm glad you got a great Ma & Pa visit. :)

The Watkins said...

I am glad that your Cbad friends are well represented in the comment section. :) I love the life jackets with the boys and the look on Sally's face as she looks up at the aquarium. Catching wonder and awe with a camera is quite a talent!

ann said...

I love all your pictures of your beautiful family! Good work shauna!!