Friday, January 11, 2013



I finally got some visiting family to go to Torrey Pines with us...Rachel and her FIANCE Jacob.
 Pardon all the pictures, it's kind of pretty there.
We had ourselves a nice little New Year's Eve (day) hike.
Or walk, more like it.

That night we partied hard with games
 (who else got this for Christmas?)

and a good luck cake.
 This might be a cross between a mardi gras king cake and a good luck cake.
This semi-made-up tradition consisted of a plastic baby, wrapped in foil, hidden in the cake batter.
Who doesn't like to find a baby in their cake?
Owen was determined and it only took him 3 slices to find it.
He now has good luck for the year.

That cake was delicious.
(chocolate chocolate chip bundt frosted with a layer of peanut butter and then chocolate glaze)
Thank you Danna for that recipe.

And then here's Miss Wide Awake at midnight.
She would've stayed up later if we let her.

No jumping in the ocean at midnight this year.
But we would like to thank our drunk neighbors for the awesome fireworks show
 (like real, legitimate fireworks),
and Jacob and Rachel for being the kids' personal entertainment committee.


stephanie said...

oh, i'm so glad they're getting married! they seem like a really great couple.

Torgersons said...

I love that baby in the cake idea! I might steal it.

The Watkins said...

We got that game!! And that silhouette at Torrey Pines is awesome!