Friday, January 18, 2013

August in January

Do you see what that little blurry hand is doing?
It's holding on to that ring.
As in, it's not just resting or flailing all over the place.

And sometimes that little hand reaches for my face and pulls my hair.

And grabs for Justin's nose.

2 more days and he's 4 months old.

Not sure we were quite done with the newborn stage,
but whatever stage this is...we like it, too.


The Watkins said...

This last pictures is so cool. I love his wide-eyed look and that you can see Justin's ring and that he's so cuddly with Justin--at least I'm assuming it's Justin. I'm hoping you've thoroughly documented how cute he is with August.

Rachel Martindale said...

Okay. I've never felt the need to before but the bottom picture just made me decide I need to become an awesome picture taker for the sake of precious moments in my own future family.